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Our Strategy

We invest in senior housing and multi-family communities throughout underserved suburban markets in major metropolitan areas and select secondary markets. When determining locations to invest, many elements are considered, and hundreds of hours are spent analyzing potential markets before a targeted market is selected.

The term “Aligned” represents a core principle that AEG’s general partner group, community operator, developer and contractor are all financially invested. This ensures that our partners are all financially yoked in each step of the investment, development, and operating processes, resulting in superior and successful investor returns. AEG adheres to the same disciplined asset management processes that have been utilized by the managing principals for over 20 years.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of experienced senior living developers, operators, and contractors. Clients receive superior deal flow that allows for rapid deployment of capital. We ensure that only the best opportunities are pursued and provide oversight from inception through project disposition.

Stephen Schott

Managing Principal & Operating Partner, Aligned Equity Group

Casey Urkevich

Managing Principal & Operating Partner, Aligned Equity Group

Jim Eisenhart

Managing Principal & Operating Partner, Aligned Equity Group

Jeff Cook

Principal, Aligned Equity Group

Kirk Mills

Principal, Aligned Equity Group

David Weiss

Principal, Aligned Equity Group

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